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ቡና ቀሚስ Sleeveless Tie Strap Coffee Dress | Summer Dress | Beach Dress | Green, Brown, and Yellow Floral Embroidery

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Cool, comfortable and classic, each kaftan is individually hand-embroidered in small batches. Typically worn during a coffee ceremony, the ቡና ቀሚስ (bunna kemis) or coffee dress is easy to wear out on the town, at the beach, or to simply lounge in at home. This dress is sleeveless with tie straps that can be adjusted as needed. 

~ Handmade in Ethiopia

~ Material:  100% Ethiopian Abujedi Cotton. Wool and Cotton Yarn Embroidery

~ Expect slight variations in embroidery patterns.

~ Care Tips: Air-dry as cotton fibers shrink in high heat. Machine wash with cold or warm water in a gentle cycle.