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Batik Bucket Hat - Black & Turquoise Batik

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Batik Bucket Hat In Black & Turquoise. 

Made stylish and unisex to be fashionable for all on any special occasion or as casual wear.  All fabric on the hat is 100% cotton! 

Please note that all hats are designed and cut separately and can vary slightly in design and size. Your hat will find you when you try it on!



FEATURES: Black and Turquoise print -                                                            

MATERIALS: Batik cotton and 100% cotton lining

Size/Dimension: Available in two sizes.                                                                                                        Small/Medium:                         Large:                                             

Inspirations Collection: Our Favorite                                                                                                         "Kelem's" Favorites Collection! Thus, "Kelem" established                                            an ongoing partnership with the artisans who make them,                                            to ensure they are readily available all season.